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Gyorfi Zsolt
Gyorfi at 36 years old is a very successful and accomplish professional fly tier. Starting his fly fishing and tying career about ten years ago, Gyorfi has created some of the most popular fly patterns in Northern Europe as well as all over the world. In the last four years of Gyorfi career in fly fishing and tying; Mr. Zsolt has became more intense, focus, and passionate in his profession. This is evident in his work and pattern which are commonly found on the internet and youtube. Gyorfi has enjoyed fly fishing in several European countries such as Poland, Slovakia, and Norway.  You can see evidence of his experience in the European style of his flies that he has designed. Mr. Zsolt is a master teacher and instructor in his art and demonstrate excellent technique in his videos on youtube.  Please be encourage to find Gyorfi's work on youtube and take advantage of Gyorfi video series on tying his Northern European series of flies.
Gyorfi Zsolt - Master Northern European Fly Tier
New Pictures 2/22/2016