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Steve Nielsen - Premier Artist from Oroville California

Please contact Steve for a commission of his fine works:; Steve Nielsen 530-321-3034


Since Steve was very young he always followed his passion. This involved anything creative and challenging. Steve had caught the bug for customizing vehicles at 13 yrs. old. He couldn't drive but he spent his time drawing ideas for his first truck and developed a neighborhood route where he frequently pushed a mower around the block asking neighbors if he could mow their lawn to help save for his first truck. Fast forward a few years to age 25. Steve started his own business designing and building custom vehicles and parts for people from all over the world. For nearly 20 years building a very respected name in the aftermarket custom vehicle industry he still felt a void and often thought of all the years passed that he wasn't keeping up with my love of art. He built some metal sculptures when he could find time between a busy business schedule and family time. Finally in 2013 Steve sold his business and made a choice to pursue a full time art career. "There's nothing we can't do when we put our full focus on something and stay consistent until we reach our goals." -SN growing up in Northern California Steve's dad was a fishing guide and spent many of his younger years fishing and hunting. His dad and dad's friends also raised and flew hawks and falcons. Needless to say these experiences played a huge roll in Steve's passion to create wildlife sculptures. In 2013 Steve finished and donated over 2,000 hours on a polished stainless eagle. That resides in the Oroville, California city council meeting chambers. Valued at 250k! Since then, Steve's developed and continues to perfect his metal shaping skills working 7 days a week on commissioned pieces. He's created and has painted hundreds of metal butterflies but his primary focus is on bringing life to stainless fish. Always excited to create the next piece and loving every second of it there's no telling what Steve will create next. One thing is for sure. Each and every piece always has to be better than the previous one. In steve's mind there's no other option. For Steve to keep his passion burning he must create a challenge each and every day to grow and develop. Chances are if you see something you like that he built, your going to love what he creates for you more.

Steve Nielsen