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John Gust - Local Artist and Anglers Addiction Patron

John fishing on the Arkansas Tail Waters.

Phone: 719-568-4368

John Gust as Smoky The Bear for his elementary class room.  John has a heart of gold and always delivers a smile with all his work including his art.

Taylor River Brown Trout Model of his work.  John will do commissions from photos of your trophy catch that will match the real thing.  This is a poor photo but will replace the photo with a better one later.  John is not the most savy guy on the computer. As soon as he gets some better pictures, I will post them.

John will work on commission but there are many more fish that will be coming up for display.  A commission fish about this size is $400 and is negotiable if you contact him.

Piece of his work on our front door at Anglers Addiction


This piece is in the shop


The Process of John's Work.  He uses wood that is knot free and no-fillers in his work

On Brown Trout, John burns the spots in and then paints them to give more detail.

John will create any position of a fish requested. John will do Bent Tails and Swept Tails Fish or any position you request.

Very realistic eyes for the fish

John will do any nature or animal/fish work.  He has done 7ft hammerhead shark in the past, so size limitations to his work is not a problem.

The process of one step to another.

John will do any religious works of Art also.

An Elk that John is working on.

John is work on theme's of your choice - Bronco's is one item which is popular here in Colorado.