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PTR Monthly News Letter - Pueblo Tailwater Renegades

PTR Monthly News Letter - Pueblo Tailwater Renegades

Monthy News Letter - April



Time to clean the River

We often begin cleaning the house and garage in February and March, clearing the way for more enjoyable ways to leisure. Getting ready for each hatch poses the same problem, tying flies in hope that they’ll prevail to the hatches around the bend.

Wrapping up a busy winter tourist destination we call home can also come in need of some preparation. Saturday April 23 we will converge on the Valco parking lot and clean the trail system around the Valco ponds. We will be doing our due diligence to prepare ourselves some smooth walking as we begin another year of floating on the ponds. We invite you and anyone that you wish to bring to help us clean up. This will mark the second ‘River Cleanup’ sanctioned by Pueblo Tailwater

Renegades. The first was of huge success, filling an entire Ford F-150 long bed to the rails. Our goal this time is to double that amount. This can be accomplished as there are many night crawler containers littered throughout the brush.

Donuts and coffee will be waiting to greet you. This is a great opportunity for Colorado Parks and Wildlife to see and know that PTR has more than just fish on our mind. Come dressed appropriately for April weather and thick shrubbage. Work gloves, boots, jeans, mask if allergens are an issue will suffice. Bags and disposal will be provided by CPW. Tim Herget is responsible for maintaining a working relationship with CPW and has done so well.



April 8, 2016

At 6:03 am April 8th the gates will open to Spinney Mountain Reservoir. This Gold Medal water lake will provide great opportunity to catch trophy size trout. The ‘Ice Off’ period as it is known will provide great shoreline fishing. It appears that the 2016 opening is also of the boat ramp too. April weather at 9000’ can be cold and windy, wet, dry, warm, usual Colorado weather, be prepared and enjoy the time you can spend. This will definitely be a club trip destination a few times this year. Look for chironomids and scuds to be productive until damsel nymphs and callibateis nymphs begin

Club Trip to the Upper Arkansas

Saturday April16th

The BWO, Caddis hatches are quickly bringing in spring. The high flows being experienced here on the Tailwater are non-existent on the

Upper stretches of the Arkansas River. Strong BWO nymphal drift is providing fish with lots of feeding opportunities throughout the day.

Emergence is bringing fish to the surface with great dry fly action. As we turn the calendar in April caddis activity is only increasing. This caddis hatch is what makes the Arkansas so famous. If only Christo would take notice, this is the only blanket that should drape the water. Join us

Saturday April 16th for some sure to be good fishing. This has been the one time when flows are conducive to wading just about anywhere you wish, Take advantage. Plus all those browns are fun to catch.

Fishing License Renewal

April 1-March 31

It’s amazing how fast time is moving. It seems like we just had an article on renewing your fishing license. Being that we are a one percent fishing club, license are encouraged but to each their own. To avoid lines at Loaf ‘N Jug, and confused box store employees, one can get licensed via the internet. What is nice about purchasing over the internet, all of your information appears once your driver ID is validated. Basically you enter your payment info and head to the river. Pay up and enjoy all the benefits of fishing legally. It’s a responsibility not a right.




X Caddis

Hook: curved 16-20

Thread: 8/0 olive

Dubbing: olive, black

Ribbing: Sm wire gold

Shellback: turkey tail

Wing Buds: white poly

Bead: Optional

1: Thread base, tie in wire and shellback to bend

2: dub abdomen to 2/3 mark fold shellback, rib wire.

3: tie wing bud on each side of hook. 4: dub thorax, whip


No Picture..  Jon's can't pull the pic from the pdf.


A Renegade Publication

Things to do in April

Next Meeting April 12, 2016 7:00 PM Upper Deck @ Gold Dust Saloon

Open Fly Tying April 12, 3016

6:30 pm Anglers Addiction

Club Trip to the Upper Arkansas River

8:00 am Saturday April 16, 2016

Project Healing Waters Fly Tying Monday April 11 and 18

6:30 pm American Legion


April 08, 2016 by jon neville